Happy Dance,  NaNoWriMo

NaNoWriMo Update #2

insert cries of joy here

I feel like I made a major breakthrough with a main character in my story today. This whole time I’ve been working on this story, up until this last scene, his POV has been giving me fits. I’ve written male POVs before, so I knew it wasn’t that. It’s NaNo and we’re not supposed to edit as we go (which I do a tiny bit of at the beginning of any story I’m working on) but I decided to push through that last scene anyway and I’m so glad I did!

I finally figure out what his motivation is, what he wants, and where his story arc is going. It’s horrible exciting for me. I was starting to question my decision to let him have so much screen time. It wasn’t planned when I started the story….I had originally reserved that spot for my villain. But I wrote half a scene from her POV and it felt flat. He wanted to talk (finally! Because he hadn’t said a word in his “interview” that turned into a bio) so I rewrote the scene from his POV and it was like a light shining down on my story. But the next scene I wrote with him took three times as long to write, as did the next one (which I spent a week and a half on!). But finally this weekend, we cracked his shell open and now I know it was totally the right decision to make.

So I’m just celebrating today. This last scene got finished in less than half the time it took the write the others. happy dance

And I finally crossed the 10,000 words benchmark. I have some hope that I’ll actually get pretty close to 50,000 words now. ^_^

That is all.


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