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New Work in Progress…Maybe…

Outside Mark Twain House & Museum, Hartford, CT

I’ve forgotten how incredibly frustrating the very early phases of a new idea can be. But maybe it’s only frustrating because every few days I have a new idea to plot out. And every few days I have to walk away from it empty handed. This last idea I may keep, but I’ve stressed myself out so much the last few weeks I’m surprised I’m even still considering it at all. I did all the fun stuff, plotting, outlining (a few chapters), and interviewing my characters. Then I did the unthinkable…I got ahead of myself and jumped into query land with this new idea while I’m still waist deep in query land with the last one. Then I got worried, freaked out, and set the story aside while I panicked. Yeah. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too early for that.

In other news, barring no excitement on the looking for an agent side of things, I’m going to submit my story to Harper Voyager’s Global Digital Publishing opportunity in October. How exciting is it that a division of Harper Collins is having an open call for submissions!! I’m not expecting anything (I know I’m such a pessimist, right!), but I’m not going to turn down a perfectly good opportunity to get my story read by one of the biggest publishing houses, which also happens to be my favoritest. 

I’m going on sabbatical next week! I’m hoping the change of scenery and chance to relax and take a break from everything will give me a fresh outlook on things. 

About the possible new idea though, it’s not entirely new (98% new, 2% recycled.) It’s a reincarnated idea that I ruined some 12 years ago (gosh, makes me look old!) due to lack of planning and generally just yakking with no real goal or proper plot arch in mind. I can’t exactly call it rewrite as I’m literally just doing what I do best: saving a few interesting characters from the ruins and putting them in a more fitting setting. I guess I’m just worried it’ll end up in the overflowing story graveyard. One minute I’m super excited about it, the next I’m convinced it’s bad idea and I should find something else. I know I’ve felt like this before. I just can’t remember what I did to pull myself out of it.

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