Query Letter,  Writing Journey

Twas the Night Before Querying…

…and all through my condo,
excitement crackles all around,
and I don’t know what rhymes with condo.

I jump from giddiness to worry,
from minute to minute,
while my book dances for joy,
as it can’t wait for me to send it.

I’ve polished my letter,
my synopsis too,
my novel as well, 
I’ve done all I can do.

Today in this moment,
I think my novel is great,
I feel really good about it,
I hope it’s tempting bait.

The last round of editing,
Draws to an end,
In less than 24 hours, 
I’ll load my baby up and hit send.

Now I’m afraid, 
I love this story so much, 
If my hard work be for naught,
I’ll be terribly crushed. 

I feel like I’m so close, 
Dreams of yes! visit me at night,
Eternal Nightfall, come out of the shadows,
And step into the light.

Hee, hee!
Tomorrow is the big day. I saw a pre-query blog on another writer’s site and thought it was a good idea to do one of my own while I’m still too excited about my book (in case rejection gets me down and makes me never want to write again. ^_^ Hopefully this will remind me that I’m a genius and nothing makes me happier so I’ll get back to work again as soon as possible.)

Which brings me to my last Query Update. I send the little bird out tomorrow:
Floating around Query Letter Hell on AbsoluteWrite.com, I see a lot of bad queries. Queries that made all my versions look awesomefied. So I finally went to Query Shark and read through the good examples until I found one I really really liked. I stared at it (because getting inspired through osmosis always works so well ^_^) and after a minute I saw what I could do to fix the parts that were bugging me. I was missing that cohesive element, that common denominator that I wanted all my paragraphs to have. So I tweaked the beginning, the end, and two parts in the middle. It’s the best version to date. I’m ready. Bring it on…Lucky number 4.

I’ve never been this excited and nervous and scared at the same time. 

I have a quote on my wall above my computer. It’s from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix when Harry is addressing Dumbledore’s Army in the room of requirement. It says: “Working hard is important. But there is something that matters even more: Believing in Yourself.” (Thank you J.K. Rowling.) ^_^

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