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Happy August!

Here’s my collection of novels, partial novels, and novel attempts. And for fun, I list some short stories that I’ve written as well, along with some reincarnated bits from previous novel attempts that show up in my series.
Novels (in order of appearance)-written in 3rd person unless otherwise noted
Untitled First Novel (circa 1996/97)(1st person) Starring Tamara Louise Temple about a 14 year old girl who falls in love with a 15 year old “gang” member. He wants to stop running around and do well in school. She tutors him. They fall in love. Shelved for the obvious reasons: it was awful.
The Tiara (circa 2000)
The Alliance (circa 2001)
The Alliance & The Tiara are the reasons I never write without a plan anymore. Ruined both these stories by moving too fast and then hopping to the ending too soon because I didn’t have a plan for the middle. These stories also start my forays into fantasyland. ^_^ The Tiara stars an evil witch and The Alliance stars a witch and vampire who are forced to marry to form an alliance between their families.
The Rage of Iris (circa 2000) Stars more witches & a werewolf named Arcadia. Because of this story I stopped naming my novels before they were finished. Iris never really raged about anything. At the very best, she lost her temper (with reason) and then calmed down. Worst ending ever!

Club Midnight (circa 2001)(split 1st person POV) Starring a vampire night club & a slayer. I ended up disliking one of my main characters and got tired of switching back and forth between them, especially after I decided one of them was really annoying. Attempted to rewrite with just one POV. Quit after a few chapters…wasn’t feeling the story anymore. Best feedback I got came from someone who said the relationship between one of the MC’s and her mother was unrealistic. (I obviously didn’t explain it well enough.)

Played for a Fool (circa 2001) Starring a vampire & a half-breed vampire. This story is the reason why I don’t write anymore until I know exactly what I want to do. Case and point: I couldn’t decide who my bad guy was and therefore kept going back and forth between the two. My indecisiveness was painfully obvious and it ruined the story.

Shadow Wielder (circa 2002)(1st title-The Stone of Shadix) Stars twins, witches, a slayer and a sexy cliche vampire. One of my better attempts. Realized with this that I really shine at 3rd person multiple viewpoint stories. This is told from the POV of one of twins and one of the witches. Side note: I actually used this idea for a horror script idea for my scriptwriting class my junior year of college. Got an A!
Sudden Fury (circa 2002)
(1st title & working title-The Town of Ombre – French for shadows or shaded)
Stars a girl who gets turns into a vampire, vampires (obviously), and a human slave camp. This was back before I had clear rules for my fantasy world. My MC Fiona turns into a hawk at one point in the story. This story horribly violent. And has the same problems Catwoman had. Fiona did NOT make a graceful transition from sweet human girl to vampire. I took it apart trying to fix it and must have edited close to 8 times. It was hopeless and I finally gave up on it in 2008. It’s one of the hardest things I have ever done. Very painful. Lots of tears. Queried in Spring of 2007. No luck.
Dark was the Night (circa 2003)(Actually picked the title out in high school and it still worked out) Stars an actress, a blade-like vampire (vampire through medical procedure), some werewolves, some real vampires, a witch, and an inside look at a human slave camp. This story took me my entire freshman year of college to write. Hated it & trashed it soon afterwards. Rewrote it in 2006 after graduation. I actually have pieces of a second rewrite for this. So haven’t given up on this idea. Queried in Winter 2007 & 2008. Had an agent say they really liked my idea. But again, no luck. 
From out of the Ashes (circa 2008)
(working title-Saira Evanescence/original title-Eternal Bloom) Stars a girl, a crazed mad-scientist looking for a way to achieve immortality, and a bunch of normal people. My first attempt at a single 3rd person limited story. That in itself was a disaster. I got bored following just one character around for 300 pages. I spent an entire year on this story. Did a massive rewrite of the middle during my first edit. It took a lot out of me. Queried in 2009. Blanket forms.
(spent some time depressed and fumbling over different stories, some of which show up in the partials category)
Eternal Darkness (circa 2011)(originally called Where is My Atlantis?) First series attempt. Had too much going on so I broke it down into 4 parts instead of two. Got back into my element with this one with witches and vampires and multiple viewpoints and finally finalized my fantasy world rules. Got as far as a query letter, synopsis, and a third of the way through the sequel before I realized I had too much going and had to stop & start over. Best thing I had ever written at this point. I was very proud of myself. ^_^
Partials (in chronological order)
Untitled 1st novel attempt (circa unknown but I suspect 1997) Unfortunately, I got halfway through, thought it sucked and trashed it. All I remember is that my MC had an older brother and developed a crush on his skateboard-riding best friend. (The horror)

The Butterfly (circa 1998) 1st paranormal novel attempt. Shapeshifting evil witch. Started over halfway through, got halfway through again and realized it sucked and quit.
Sudden Vengeance (sequel to Sudden Fury I started writing years after I originally wrote Sudden Fury) Realized a few chapters in that I hated Fiona and loved my villain so much more and wanted to tell everything from his POV. Also around this time I was also realizing that Sudden Fury couldn’t be fixed and I was going to have to trash it. So no point in having a sequel, which was too bad because I really REALLY liked what I had going on so far. Might be able to use some of it one day. Time will tell.
Eve’s Story (Untitled) This became back story for Eve in the new series. I’ve rewritten it 3 times. 
Victory Will Be Mine (based on a video game) I haven’t given up. It’s just been set aside for now so I can work on the new series. Started working on this between From Out of the Ashes and Eternal Darkness.
Original Eternal Nightfall (sequel to Eternal Darkness) & Yes I realize the two titles practically mean the same thing. Lol! Got a third of the way through. Had too much going on in this story as well.
Attempts (in order of failure)
(stories that didn’t even make it to partial length, usually put aside by the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd chapter for reasons like: lost interest, story had too many issues, story wasn’t ready aka too many plot holes or plot not thought through, or I was working on two stories at once and the other one grabbed my attention more)
13 total (that I have record of)
-A story about an evil witch who’s frozen on a mountaintop for hundreds of years (she had the stupidest name)
-A story a girl in a rock band who travels back in time 
-The Mermaid (speaks for itself-of course she spends some time on land-The Little Mermaid is one of my favoritest movies)
-Historical story about a siren (this shows up again in the short stories section)
-Jachlee-Stone of Light (past lives story involving a witch & a vampire & a human girl)
-Amunynson-Heart Stone-Mind Control (witch summer camp)
-The Mummy (girl wins a trip to Eygpt. Fill in the blank. ha ha!)
-Saving Desiree aka Save Me from Myself (depressed girl, no vampires, no magic)
Reincarnated (characters, settings, objects, & ideas that turn up in my new series)
(in no particular order)
Sudden Fury & Sudden Vengeance: the villain (early version of Ares) & name of another character (Ares)
Club Midnight: night club & town the night club is set in and early version of Eve
Jachlee-Stone of Light: early versions of Eve & Gavin and early version of a power stone
Amunynson-Heart Stone: Camp New Salem Haven & early version of a power stone
The Mummy: only the basic idea, it’s been completely rewritten & re-imagined for the series
Saving Desiree/Save Me From Myself: early version of Joliene @ 17 (got her name actually  from another character in the book)
Played for a Fool: first version of Joliene @ 15, early version of Spencer (only Spencer & Eve have kept their original names)
Shadow Wielder: early version of a power stone
Eve’s Story: Eve’s back story for the series
-(and of course) Eternal Darkness & Eternal Nightfall: power stone, locations, back stories, characters (Joliene, Spencer, Eve, Gavin, Ares)
Short Stories
(complete short stories I have record of)
-The Thanksgiving Pig (circa elementary school) 1st written story ever!
-The Tale of Yin Yang (originally The Tale of Ying Yang-someone corrected me, Lol!)(circa 6th grade)(ghost story)
-The Columbus High School Series (circa1997-1998 – 8th grade) A collection of short stories revolving around a group of five friends in their sophomore year. I was supposed to write five but after three I realized they were all following the same pattern. I got bored with it after this and decided to focus on novels. I didn’t write another short story until college.
*the rest of these are from college (2004-2006)*
-Then the Lightning Struck (retelling of the monkey’s paw) Got me a B. Never cried so hard over a grade or a story in my life. This is the class that gave me the feedback I needed to become a better writer and prompted a major change in my writing style. (Background: I’m not one to care about grades in general.)
 -The Escape (flash fiction)(The assignment was to write a story that sounded like one thing was about to happen but you turn it around at the end and something else happens.)(My version: girl is contemplating jumping off a bridge. She does. Turns out she’s bungee jumping.)
-The Third Eye (dark comedy set on a college campus)(no one got my title, but everyone really liked it. Got an A!-same teacher who gave me a B the previous semester)
-Broken Wings (not sure how to categorize this. It was dramatic & dark & depressing and a lot of people really liked this story as well)(about a girl in a dancer’s school training to be a ballerina who suffers from depression & bulimia-lots of compliments about how realistic her ailments are and how I did a really good job portraying them. It’s not my favorite, but it’s the strongest short story I’ve written.)
-Seventh Grade (I have no idea what to say about this. I can’t even remember what it was about. I was trying to do what my teacher said and write something really personal. I have it on my computer. I’ve never read it. This story wasn’t for a grade. It was something extra I submitted to my teacher along with my Third Eye revision.)
Her Redeemer (bad title)(short story version of my siren idea)(My teacher at the time didn’t even write comments on my draft. He went on and on telling me if I had to buy him a drink for every person I killed, he could stay good and drunk for a year. He hated fantasy so of course I wrote a fantasy on purpose. I also wanted feedback on my world building abilities as I was graduating soon and knew I would go out into the world and write fantasy.)
One Clear Night (witchcraft)(same teacher who hated fantasy, he ended up raving about this one, going on and on about how much better it was the last one and all the great things I did to capture the reader’s attention)(no one died, in my original idea the guy in the story was supposed to die, but after what happened last time, I just broke his back.)

I also wrote a couple of Sailor Moon Themed parody plays in the 8th grade. 
The End ^_^

Coming Up Next: Query Letter Update and Self-Doubt in writing.

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