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Editing & The Query Process

Sometimes I feel like I suck. Sometimes I go through, “I’m a genius!” and “Wow, I really stink at this.” in the same day.

The query letter is going nowhere. I keep staring at, thinking that maybe it will suck information out of my head and write itself. I’m specifically getting hung up on the ending. It’s not like I’ve never tried to do any of this before. It’s because I have that’s stressing me out. I have 250 words to tell the agent why my story is great and fabulous and while I believe this to be true *insert Cheshire grin here* if I fail at convincing them of this, my story has to go on the shelf, a place I lovingly refer to as my story graveyard.I’ve been editing and trying to work on my query letter at the same time. The editing is going well. I keep discovering new things about my characters that give me ideas on scenes to add and what to add and take away from the scenes I already have. So it’s been a lot of fun. Hands down the most fun I’ve ever had with an editing venture. ^_^

There are many stories in the graveyard. Next week, I’ll go through them and post an exciting entry on how they ended up shelved & trashed & dumped with little hope of resuscitation. (Thank you spell check.)
Because of the amount of work that goes into each story, putting it down and essentially giving up on it is the last thing you want to do. This time will be especially hard. Some of the characters in this series have been in my head for many many years. Having to tell them that that is it and no one else is going to hear their story will break my heart. 
That’s where all the pressure comes from. 250 words will mean the difference between my world getting a chance to live or having to on the shelf to collect dust. Both the literal shelf (for notes, outline, and the like) and the figurative shelf (for everything else), as I also have a lovely folder on my computer called “Story Drafts” where all my typed versions go to die. (Can you tell I don’t like to actually throw anything away?)
So now I take a deep breath and leave to work on my query letter for the next hour. “I know the Light of the Ancient guides and will continue to guide my path towards greatness.” (From Book 1: (currently named) Eternal Nightfall)

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